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The Witch’s Pyramid: To Know, To Will, To Dare, To Be Silent

Originally posted on The Keeper's Path:
The pyramid is a magical shape. To attain the Sanctum Regnum, in other words, the knowledge and power of the Magi, there are four indespensible conditions: an intelligence illuminated by study, an intrepidity which nothing can check, a will which cannot be broken, and a prudence which nothing…

Sageing – The Wet Paper Towel of Witchcraft

A word on cleansing, reiving, and warding – the three tenets of protection Note: all words in bold will eventually be links to other blog articles I will have written that explain the terms. In the meantime, use them as keywords to Google, and then write the concepts up in a journal or Book ofContinue reading “Sageing – The Wet Paper Towel of Witchcraft”

Spilling the (Herbal) Tea

By popular demand: a true-life account of my life as a Witch – Part the First I never thought that I’d be asked to detail my experiences of twenty-odd years of magickal practice and general witchy shenanigans, but here we are. I did not want to be seen as self-indulgent or ego-centric. I have noticedContinue reading “Spilling the (Herbal) Tea”

How to Cope with Mercury Retrograde

Astrologically, Mercury Retrograde (MR) is when that planet appears to travel backwards. At the time of writing, it’s in Retrograde right now, and that status will end in June 2022. People tend to blame MR for all the chaos in their lives, and it’s possible to suffer appalling lousy luck, but if you box clever,Continue reading “How to Cope with Mercury Retrograde”

What Type of Altar Should You Use?

The table used for spell casting and holding your ritual tools is called an altar. It is invariably the focus of religious ceremonies. 

Altars can be set up where space is available, and you do not need expensive fancy tools to practice Witchcraft. It is perfectly acceptable to use whatever fits your needs and what suits your pocket. 

Ancient Egyptian Divination – Invoking the Gods and Goddesses

Originally posted on Iseum Sanctuary:
The Ancient Egyptians practiced divination for two main purposes: to inquire about the present and obtain useful information to make changes to a situation; or to beg for assistance from a god to make desired changes to current circumstances. It was the magician who attempted to compel the God(s) to…

Banish That Which No Longer Serves You

Warning – this article contains strong, unfiltered opinions. Banishing is defined as getting rid of unwanted energies, and that can be in the form of quitting a bad habit, such as smoking, or expelling bad energies from your ritual space, full-on exorcisms or getting that creep from the office to leave you the hell alone.Continue reading “Banish That Which No Longer Serves You”

Hermeticism: the nexus between science, philosophy and spirit

Originally posted on The spaced-out scientist:
Last week, I summarized the history of alchemy in Europe, the Middle East, India and China. Alchemy is tradition spanning millennia that influenced the development of modern chemistry, medicine, philosophy and psychology. Western alchemy blends Greek, Egyptian, Islamic and Jewish traditions, and is a branch of Hermetic philosophy, which…