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How to Cope with Mercury Retrograde

Photo by Carlos Kenobi on Unsplash

Astrologically, Mercury Retrograde (MR) is when that planet appears to travel backwards. At the time of writing, it’s in Retrograde right now, and that status will end in June 2022.

People tend to blame MR for all the chaos in their lives, and it’s possible to suffer appalling lousy luck, but if you box clever, you can use MR to your advantage. Here’s how:

Don’t Try to Fight It

MR is a tide – don’t try to swim against it. Instead, go with it and ride the wave. It can reap its own rewards. The planet Mercury rules communication and travel, so remain flexible, patient and understanding. Allow extra time for travel, especially if you need to be somewhere for a specific time to allow for delays, cancellations, or if you were me on Friday 13th, catch the wrong bus! Meh, it happens – roll with it. Don’t freak out. Double-check email responses if that airport or your doctor sent them in error, or got the wrong day, or the wrong time, or the wrong person! In Retrograde, you’re allowed to be a teeny bit paranoid about these things, but don’t be neurotic to the point where you’re scared to breathe. As I said, roll with it. 

How to Function When Mercury is Retrograde

Review your projects and plans during Retrograde, but don’t make any final decisions. I’m not saying to put your entire life on hold, but it pays to plan ahead. Once Mercury is direct again, then go ahead. Make sure you have made contingency plans if your project goes tits up. Also, be prepared for short tempers and people getting the wrong end of the stick— it’s an occupational hazard in Retrograde. 

Use the Time to Stop and Reflect

Retrograde has its advantages as it gives you time to stop and reflect. Have you been so gung-ho in pursuing a career that you have forgotten to take time out for yourself? Have you overextended yourself almost to breaking point? This time is the time to examine whether your life balance is correct.  

Take time to reflect and re-examine who you are and what you want to do, but don’t make any drastic decisions until Retrograde is over. 


Published by ambersage79

I have been a practicing Witch for over 20 years. I have ghostwritten books on witchcraft and I am also a witch-for-hire. I have helped clients with spells for money, relationships, protection, justice, and many other needs. This site will detail how to get started if you are new to the craft, and it will be a reference point for seasoned adepts. It's not all cleansing and crystals - there is far more to the Craft than that. This site will give you the information you need to be a confident, competent, empowered Witch.

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