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The Corona Age and Cosmic Change

Witchcraft and paganism have undergone somewhat of a renaissance. The old order is falling away, as the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the last Full Moon of 2020 – a nightmare of a year for countless millions – on New Year’s Eve, proved to be a momentous omen in astrological terms. Jupiter is the planet of optimism, expansion, healing, growth, and miracles. After the events of 2020, humanity needs all the help it can acquire. Small wonder, more and more people are turning their backs on organised religion and seeking their own path. Conversely, Saturn is associated with restriction, responsibility, and long-term lessons. One only has to look at the storming of the Capitol in January 2021; a rampaging mob that sought to overthrow democracy, egged on by an increasingly unhinged President desperately clinging on to power. Such are the consequences of trying to hold back a cosmic tide – Saturn’s influence cannot be tamed. The Great Conjunction has shaken society politically, socially, and personally.

Saturn also moved into Capricorn, making many people see life in a totally different way, as it is considered to be a guardian planet. On a microcosmic level, the conjunction exemplifies personal growth and amplification; Jupiter increases the power of Saturn on one’s personality, meaning that as a person, you will be devoted to advancement in career or your professional goals and success. This colossal cosmic event has, and will, birth a new era. Obsolete Saturnian forces will be overthrown.

The trouble is Jupiter is debilitated somewhat by residing in Capricorn. Capricorn is a rigid sign that can become overly entrenched in its obsession with morals and ethics. By being bogged down in rules, law, and order, I have noticed that a lot of the esoterically inclined have become insensitive, even blind to the higher wisdom and spirituality that Jupiter would usually offer.

This has, in my opinion, led to a lot of gatekeeping and policing by who have been derogatorily branded “Karen Witches” – entitled, arrogant, imperialist, privileged, invariably white women who think they have the right to tell other people what they can and cannot do. I have seen nervous, insecure so-called “baby-witches” tug their forelocks and kow-tow to their every word and whim. I seethe with rage in the shadows when I witness what is, essentially bullying. I see them preaching the Wiccan Threefold Law at witches and pagans that are not Wiccan in online forums and social media. The term “closed practices” is thrown around a lot too; I have witnessed considerable righteous indignation if someone uses a sour jar or a poppet to curse an abuser or a rapist. “Cultural appropriation! Threefold Law!” Witchcraft is, historically, the last refuge for oppressed, downtrodden women, so precluding a victim of domestic abuse or a survivor of sexual assault with moral dogma and sanctimonious finger-pointing is especially galling. If the authorities have failed to take their sorry situation seriously and the Police have failed to act – something that is sadly all too common, what other choice do they have?

That is why we were burnt at the stake, tortured, and hanged. Patriarchal society is terrified of women who stand in their own power. In the modern age, Witchcraft still empowers women as well as balancing out men who practice. A male Witch is not a warlock, as it is considered to be offensive and derogatory by many practitioners, as it is derived from the Old English “waerloga”, meaning “oath breaker.” In contemporary parlance, warlocks belong to the realms of RPGs and role-play. Male witches can also identify as witches, but “wizard”, the Middle English word for “wise man” is also used, although the word was not associated with magick and occult practice until around 1550.

I exhort you to take advantage of these cosmic tides. You have the chance to grow and to discover who you really are, explore and discover your psychic gifts, and magnetise abundance.

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Published by ambersage79

I have been a practicing Witch for over 20 years. I have ghostwritten books on witchcraft and I am also a witch-for-hire. I have helped clients with spells for money, relationships, protection, justice, and many other needs. This site will detail how to get started if you are new to the craft, and it will be a reference point for seasoned adepts. It's not all cleansing and crystals - there is far more to the Craft than that. This site will give you the information you need to be a confident, competent, empowered Witch.

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