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Black Salt uses

Witches use black salt for banishing, binding, protection, and warding. Add black pepper to it, it increases its potency, especially in hexing. Black salt is also used for purification and protection.

It is made by mixing together sea salt, ashes (from incense, burnt petitions etc) OR iron filings. The addition of black pepper is optional. Simply grind the ingredients together with a mortar and pestle, cementing your magickal intent. Use your intuition in regard to the quantities of each ingredient. Then bottle it and label it.

Let’s look at each ingredient in turn:

Salt, especially sea salt: an age old method used by witches throughout history to purify, protect, and ward off negative energy.

Ashes: leftover ash from sage bundles will carry the potency of that herb. They are traditionally used in healing rituals, and are symbolic of resurrection and renewal: ashes from the previous year’s Yule log are used to re-ignite the following year’s; ashes of palm leaves used in Catholic Ash Wednesday masses have a similar theme. Alternatively, you can use the ash from incense sticks, or from burnt petitions.

Plus, it is what makes the salt black.

Iron filings: you may remember these from the science classes of your secondary school education when you learned about electricity and magnetism. In witchcraft and folklore, iron has long been used for protection. The fairies of folklore are said to be repelled by iron. It has also been used to ward off evil spirits. The fact that it is a strong, grounding metal makes it an ideal ingredient for black salt.

Black pepper: traditionally used for the purposes of protection. Often used in formulary to ward off The Evil Eye as it is said to guard against petty jealousy. Other properties include protection, courage, and can be used in charms to banish negativity.

Black Salt uses

The wonderful thing about black salt, is that is versatile. Uses include:

  • forming protective barriers to protect thresholds. Simply sprinkle the salt on your doorstep and on your windowsills to protect your home from negative energy, dark magick, and psychic attacks.
  • Amplify OR contain your cone of power by encircling a spell candle with black salt. This is ideal for banishing, binding, and reversal spells.
  • Add it to the appropriate spell bottles, jars, and sachets.
  • Mark out the perimeter of your Circle for extra protection, especially if you are conjuring spirits, using a Ouija board, or hexing. In the latter case, contrary to popular belief, this is not to counteract the Threefold Law that Wiccans believe in, as if you were doing these spells, you would be a walker of the Left Hand Path, and thus not believe in the Threefold Law in the first place. No, this is to protect against the targets of your hexes, especially if said target fancies themselves as the next Alister Crowley.
  • Use as witchy “Shake ‘n’ Vac” – i.e. sprinkle it on the floor and then sweep or hoover it up with intent to remove negative energy.

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I have been a practicing Witch for over 20 years. I have ghostwritten books on witchcraft and I am also a witch-for-hire. I have helped clients with spells for money, relationships, protection, justice, and many other needs. This site will detail how to get started if you are new to the craft, and it will be a reference point for seasoned adepts. It's not all cleansing and crystals - there is far more to the Craft than that. This site will give you the information you need to be a confident, competent, empowered Witch.

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