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Amber Sage’s World of Witchcraft

Author and Professional Witch.

Latest from the Blog

Sageing – The Wet Paper Towel of Witchcraft

A word on cleansing, reiving, and warding – the three tenets of protection Note: all words in bold will eventually be links to other blog articles I will have written that explain the terms. In the meantime, use them as keywords to Google, and then write the concepts up in a journal or Book of…

Spilling the (Herbal) Tea

By popular demand: a true-life account of my life as a Witch – Part the First I never thought that I’d be asked to detail my experiences of twenty-odd years of magickal practice and general witchy shenanigans, but here we are. I did not want to be seen as self-indulgent or ego-centric. I have noticed…

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